Kurt Müller e.K. | Grottenweg 1 | 74653 Ingelfingen-Eberstal

" Sheet metal parts: Flexible, fast and cost-effective "

With our laser cutting machines we will cut sheet metal according to your specifications. Our laser systems are usually the starting point of manufacturing.

Bending of sheet metal parts is also one of our core competences. With the help of our CNC bending machines, we bend the laser-cut parts.

We also offer mechanical processing of your components.
We can your components:
- Drilling
- reaming
- thread cutting

If you need turned and milled parts, you will find in us the right partner.

Our experienced welders are equipped with appropriate certificates. They weld your individual parts into assemblies.

Our services:

Possible surface treatments are:
- powder coating
- Galvanizing
- hot-dip galvanizing
- electropolishing
- nickel plating
- chrome plating
- Anodizing
- Sandblasting
- glass bead blasting
- Grinding
- Barrel finishing

Sample parts gallery: